Birthday Boy

My sweet boy turned one last Wednesday!!!  I can't believe how quickly the year has gone.  It literally feels like a month ago I was laying in my hospital bed with him laying on my chest as I breathed in his fresh newborn smell, took in every little detail of his face and itty bitty hands and whispered to him, "I love you more than you can imagine and promise you I will live everyday of my life protecting you!" 

From the moment they laid him on my chest right after delivery we had such a special connection and it has only grown minute by minute from then.... even though he cried constantly the first four months haha. 

I mean... really though.... how could you not love that face...

We spent the morning at the mall waiting for my computer to get fixed which I felt kinda guilty about so while we waited I showered him with lots of sugary treats, a pretzel and a trip to the Disney store.

After afternoon naps we headed to Disney for the rest of the day and got him his Mickey hat.  It has become tradition to get them one on their first birthday and then we just watch them toddle around for a while in those ears.  Talk about cuteness overload.

We then spent some time in the ticki-room and then back home for some quick cake and presents.

I think Myra ate more of it ;).  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAXY MAXY!!!!!!! I love you forever.  

Life lately

The day after we got home from Carolina we turned up the Carpenters Christmas radio on Pandora and started to decorate for Christmas... Which is one of my very favorite things in the whole world!  There is just something about the glow and twinkle of lights on a tree and the memories that come from each ornament.

Myra is really starting to understand Christmas this year and it has been so much fun.  While we were setting up the tree Myra said, "Decorate for Jesus Birthday?!?"  And I wanted to cheer and scream "YES, YES my girl!!!!  That is EXACTLY what this is."  While she has been obsessed with Frosty, reindeer, santa and the grinch, her favorite things of all of them are the baby Jesus's we have with the different nativities.  She holds them gently in her arms bouncing them saying "sh-sh-sh-sh baby Jesus"  and sings them "Rock-a-bye baby" while I whisper in her ear, "Oh, Myra, you will be the BEST mommy someday!!!!"  and her smile turns up with pride and her shoulders raise as her head ever so slightly tips to the side.  

And, of course, we have been soaking up even more Disney than normal... because Disney at Christmastime is UHHHHHMAZING.

I had the sweetest birthday ever ( next to the birthday I got an easy-bake oven for ;)) and it was all thanks to Jordan.  

I woke up to the beaters running in the Kitchen... I opened the door and saw Jordan standing there at six in the morning making me a cake.  It made me want to cry... Busy as can be, but not too busy to make me a cake!  We have a car in the shop so after that I drove him to the hospital and then stopped by the store on the way home with Maxwell and Myra to get some treats and things to make sugar cookies.  I spoiled myself and bought two shirts as well...because its my birthday! :) 

After Maxwells morning nap we headed to brunch with Emily and the most darling cafe that sits over a little Florida lake.  We then headed home for some more naps and then went back to pick up Jordan.  

Jordan was home for no more than thirty minutes and we were discussing what to do for the night when he said to me, "Your friends will be here in five minutes!"  I did NOT believe him and said, "No they won't"  and right then I heard a knock at the door.... "AHHHHH!!the house is a MESS... get out the vacuum", I told him..... but ya know..... it was a little late for that, people were already here!  hahahahaha

So we enjoyed cake with some friends for awhile and then Jordan and I headed on a date to Magic Kingdom.  Our sweet friends volunteered to stay and babysit for us and it made me really ponder and think about me...and how I really need to be more kind like them.  I am grateful not only for that service they happily gave but also for their example.

We took the ferry boat over and rode Splash Mountain and Space Mountain then searched the shops because we weren't with kids and could.... Myra has been telling us that Santa is going to bring her a snow globe and we found a little one there that was perfect for her so we got it.  

Like I mentioned before, we are with one car so I have been stuck at home with two sick kiddos.  Max has been miserably sick and on top of it has a beautiful white guy coming in the top of his cute gums.   So we have been snuggling SO much.  Myra wasn't much of a snuggler at this age so I BASK in his snuggles.  

We also wrote Santa a letter.  She wants only two things for Christmas.  
1. Snow Globe
2. Belly Button Book (She saw this at the store and threw about ten tantrums because I wouldn't get it for her..... I finally told her maybe Santa would bring it to her and she instantly cheered up and hasn't stopped talking about Santa bringing her a belly button book since).

done and done.

I am So excited for Christmas morning with this girl.

All girls are princesses

Saturday night we met our friends at Epcot for a few rides and then headed over to Magic Kingdom on the monorail.  Usually I am a stickler about bedtime... but I made an exception for the night and we stayed at Disney till the sun went down.  There is something extra magical about Disney at night with the lights and the sounds...especially when its all decked out for the holidays.

Before we left for the park I whipped out this Anna dress for Myra that we were supposed to give her for Christmas but I just couldn't wait... I found it for an AMAZING deal and we have another princess getup to give her for Christmas so I thought, WHY NOT!!!??? Because I am trying really hard to be more fun, spontaneous and say yes lately.  She loved it!!! As soon as she had that dress on she twirled and twirled saying, "I'm a pretty princess"!

Whenever she isn't wearing a dress she gets concerned and says, "I'm not a princess anymore." And I am trying really hard to teach her, "No, you're ALWAYS a princess... all girls are princesses". But she doesn't seem to quite get that... haha.  So today while she wore pants she kept calling herself "Prince Wednesday" from Daniel Tiger and kept wanting me to call her that!!!! bahahahahahaha.  I got a kick outta that one.

Sweet Myra Grace,
You can be whoever you want to be whenever you want to be as long as you're a sweetheart!
I love you forever!!!!

My Minnie

Myra is obsessed with PINK right now.. so when we stopped to get some ice-cream we of course had to get PINK to match her PINK hat.  And watching her chow down on that cone was so adorable.

Jordan and I enjoyed this scrumptious dish...

And both of the kids sat on the carousel by themselves for the first time EVER.   Myra has always been too scared to sit by herself, but this time she loved it.
...Check out her crazy cool eyes...
Lets get another look at those...

Mabey's Lately

The past few weeks have been crazy good and so full of fun.  
We rode the teacups multiple times with this girl.
and the hot tram....(JUST LOOK AT THOSE BANDAIDS!!! SHE LOVES THEM haha)
She rode the barnstormer for the first time and went from calm...
to scared out of her mind in .5 seconds. 
That was a really fun day at Disney.... While we were eating at The Harbor House (Delicious BTW if you are going to Magic Kingdom...EAT THERE!) a big rainstorm rolled in.  By the time we made it to the car we were all drench and looked like we had all jumped into a pool... But we all just laughed the whole time (including Myra) and it made for a great memory.

We also walked around Universal before going to eat at The Chocolate Emporium.
This PLACE!!!!! It is unreal.. so delicious. so amazing. so creative.  
All of their dishes were to die for. They had an sweet steam-punk theme going on and their desserts were unreal... like milkshakes with cupcakes on top. 

Then we made our way to SeaWorld.  

Went home for naps... woke up and headed to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival.  We had gone earlier in the week and ate half way around the World so this time we ate around the other half.  My favorite... PATAGONIA.  Their Salmon dish with Quinoa is to die for. 

Jordan and I had a fun date night at the High School football game.  I teach the Laurel class (16-18 yr old girls) at church and one of my Laurels won Homecoming Queen.  I am so proud. 

Then we prepared for a crazy hurricane and all the stores looked like this...

We hunkered down for a few days and were on a curfew.. We weren't aloud to leave the house for two days or we would be ticketed (possibly arrested??? don't quote me on that)... 
The hurricane ended up not being as terrible as they thought it was going to be so they lifted the curfew early.. but we got in lots of cuddles in our comfies with Jord who got a few days off of school for it. 
Then on Sunday I headed to church on my own with these two munchkins while Jordan went with a lot of others from our Church to help clean up towns closer to the coast that got hammered from the hurricane. 

We had such an amazing past few weeks.  I LOVE it when we have visitors and I REALLY love it when Jordan gets time off. :)  I feel so blessed to live where we do...smack dab in the middle of tons of magic.


Happy Monday Squares

Today was so wonderful!!!  Once Myra was down for her morning nap I cozied into my bed and read some Anne of Green Gables.  It is one of my very favorite books and makes me feel warm fuzzies inside whenever I read it and with the recent passing of Gilbert I HAD to read it again!  Lucy M. Montgomery is an absolute GENIUS at writing...absolutely an artist through-and-through.  The way she combines words is truly a work of art and takes me away to a beautiful place.

We then headed over to Magic Kingdom with my friend and her little boy between naps.  We snuck in some rides (Peter Pan (my personal fav), and Little Mermaid).  We then headed over to the Beauty and the Beast area and bought some Lafou's brew (frozen apple slush with marshmallow creme and passionfruit)  it is so yum... but as soon as we walked outside it started POURING.  So we ran to the monorail and our cars splashing through puddles.

When I got home I had some much anticipated packages waiting for me! :)  This beautiful kitchen weight among them!  Cath Kidston was having a crazy amazing sale the other day and when I saw this on sale I about died.  It looks perfect under our red retro clock and house picture!

PS.  that candle next to it smells JUST LIKE volcano from anthropology, but twenty bucks cheaper.  It is from target called "Island Moonlight".  You're welcome! :)

Some of these pics I posted right to Instagram.  Im falling in love with that little community.  What are your Instagram names?  I'de love to add you!  Mine is HaileyMabey.