Mabey's Lately

The past few weeks have been crazy good and so full of fun.  
We rode the teacups multiple times with this girl.
and the hot tram....(JUST LOOK AT THOSE BANDAIDS!!! SHE LOVES THEM haha)
She rode the barnstormer for the first time and went from calm...
to scared out of her mind in .5 seconds. 
That was a really fun day at Disney.... While we were eating at The Harbor House (Delicious BTW if you are going to Magic Kingdom...EAT THERE!) a big rainstorm rolled in.  By the time we made it to the car we were all drench and looked like we had all jumped into a pool... But we all just laughed the whole time (including Myra) and it made for a great memory.

We also walked around Universal before going to eat at The Chocolate Emporium.
This PLACE!!!!! It is unreal.. so delicious. so amazing. so creative.  
All of their dishes were to die for. They had an sweet steam-punk theme going on and their desserts were unreal... like milkshakes with cupcakes on top. 

Then we made our way to SeaWorld.  

Went home for naps... woke up and headed to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival.  We had gone earlier in the week and ate half way around the World so this time we ate around the other half.  My favorite... PATAGONIA.  Their Salmon dish with Quinoa is to die for. 

Jordan and I had a fun date night at the High School football game.  I teach the Laurel class (16-18 yr old girls) at church and one of my Laurels won Homecoming Queen.  I am so proud. 

Then we prepared for a crazy hurricane and all the stores looked like this...

We hunkered down for a few days and were on a curfew.. We weren't aloud to leave the house for two days or we would be ticketed (possibly arrested??? don't quote me on that)... 
The hurricane ended up not being as terrible as they thought it was going to be so they lifted the curfew early.. but we got in lots of cuddles in our comfies with Jord who got a few days off of school for it. 
Then on Sunday I headed to church on my own with these two munchkins while Jordan went with a lot of others from our Church to help clean up towns closer to the coast that got hammered from the hurricane. 

We had such an amazing past few weeks.  I LOVE it when we have visitors and I REALLY love it when Jordan gets time off. :)  I feel so blessed to live where we do...smack dab in the middle of tons of magic.