All girls are princesses

Saturday night we met our friends at Epcot for a few rides and then headed over to Magic Kingdom on the monorail.  Usually I am a stickler about bedtime... but I made an exception for the night and we stayed at Disney till the sun went down.  There is something extra magical about Disney at night with the lights and the sounds...especially when its all decked out for the holidays.

Before we left for the park I whipped out this Anna dress for Myra that we were supposed to give her for Christmas but I just couldn't wait... I found it for an AMAZING deal and we have another princess getup to give her for Christmas so I thought, WHY NOT!!!??? Because I am trying really hard to be more fun, spontaneous and say yes lately.  She loved it!!! As soon as she had that dress on she twirled and twirled saying, "I'm a pretty princess"!

Whenever she isn't wearing a dress she gets concerned and says, "I'm not a princess anymore." And I am trying really hard to teach her, "No, you're ALWAYS a princess... all girls are princesses". But she doesn't seem to quite get that... haha.  So today while she wore pants she kept calling herself "Prince Wednesday" from Daniel Tiger and kept wanting me to call her that!!!! bahahahahahaha.  I got a kick outta that one.

Sweet Myra Grace,
You can be whoever you want to be whenever you want to be as long as you're a sweetheart!
I love you forever!!!!