Steps at disney

On Sunday night Jordan got an email telling him that his schedule for the week had changed and he had the week off with the exception of two night shifts... which meant we got to spend a lot of time together.  I was SO excited.  So on Tuesday we gathered up our stuff and headed for the park.

While we raced toward Peter Pan to make it in time for our fast pass we got stopped by ropes for the parade and they wouldn't let us pass... but Myra was LOVING it.  

After Peter Pan and teacups we got ourselves an ice-cream.  Im the kind of girl that likes her soft-serve on the icy side rather than creamy and Jordan had been raving about the ice cream near pooh corner after a night out with Myra, so we had to stop and get some to try.  

(Check out the fuzz on maxwell's hair)

Max has just started to take his first steps on his own... I have mixed feelings about this.  I am SO happy and proud of him but I super duper don't want my baby to grow up!  I LOVE babies and the fact that he won't be a baby much longer has put me into mourning.  

While we were at Disney we kept trying to get him to walk on his own.  He was being SO funny about it! When we want him to walk and are cheering him on he won't do it... He will only do it if we aren't really paying attention.  We will look over at him and realize he is standing on his own and had crossed half the room walking.... So since he took probably only one or two steps on his own at Disney, Im still gonna claim that some of his first steps were there!  ;)

"Before the Parade Passes By"

"Hailey, I gotta go.  Can you take the baby?"

I heard that statement far too many times last week as my exhausted body could barely open its eyes. My "morning arms"  (when you can't grip a dang thing) would grab Myra and lay with her in my bed for a few minutes while I mustered up every once of energy I possibly could to get up and take the day on.  

It was a test week... (the worst weeks.)  
Jordan was gone bright and early, home late and then studying in his office till midnight every night and every moment I was with him, it was helping him study or hearing him talk about how stressed he was about said test. 

Med school has been fairly easy for him, up until that test.  And it made for an exhausting week.  

I did all I could to ensure my sanity and got my self out of the house a lot.  We took on Disney a few times and hung out with friends.  And finally FRIDAY came.  

Jordan finished pretty quickly that morning and had no homework the rest of the weekend so he hurried home and we ALL together went to Disney.  It was killing him to study while I was there with  Myra earlier in the week so he was ALL OVER getting some time in there.  

We watched the parade.  It was magical and Myra LOVED it... but it was SO blasted HOT!!! SO darn hot that I was in the worst mood ever.  I had been looking forward to this day ALL week and couldn't wait to have a good time with Jordan.  And of course i let me mood take over and shove MY fun out of the way.  Sometimes it is too hot to be happy.  (Unless you're Jordan, who can pretty much smile through anything.  I seriously don't know how he is so upbeat and positive all the time.  He should become a therapist too because he is on the phone with at least two different people a day talking them through their emotions and guiding them through lives troubles. How did I convince him to marry me?  ME?  He is seriously the most amazing person!)

ANYWAYS.. we then headed over to Pirates, which has THE best air conditioner in the park.  I quickly apologized for my grumpiness and we laughed about how much of a bum I was.  And the rest of the night went swimmingly well!

I am glad that I got those grumps out quickly because I am trying SO hard lately to be happier and enjoy life "Before the Parade Passes By".  All those years of musical theatre songs are teaching me lessons even still!!! :)

 ^ First time she has worn her glasses for more than .1 second ;) ^

 ^ Our hollow ice cream... So disappointing :( ^

Birthday Magic

I mentioned that we went to Disney for a few hours on Myra's birthday but never got around to posting a few of our pics from the Magic Kingdom.  

We were so excited to go and get her some little mouse ears!  As soon as we put them on her head I melted into a puddle on the floor.  We spent a good while just letting her run around the park in her mouse ears grabbing everyones attention as we snapped photos of her.  

After letting her get some energy out we headed to "It's a Small World".  She loves this ride and every time we are on it she insists on standing on my lap to dance to the music.

We then attempted Dumbo for a second time.  This time we didn't drive the elephant like teenagers and Myra ended up loving it! 

It was a magical day.
I know she probably won't remember it.  But we made some good memories that we will be able to tell her her whole life. 

As a mother, I want to celebrate every little holiday.  I want my kids to find joy in the little things in life.  The things that make life wonderful.  We all need a little more celebration and happiness in our lives and I want so desperately for my kids to be happy and feel loved. And goodness gracious, a birthday is a HUGE thing to celebrate.

I think my baby felt happy and loved that day and that makes me feel victorious in my job as a mother!