Birthday Magic

I mentioned that we went to Disney for a few hours on Myra's birthday but never got around to posting a few of our pics from the Magic Kingdom.  

We were so excited to go and get her some little mouse ears!  As soon as we put them on her head I melted into a puddle on the floor.  We spent a good while just letting her run around the park in her mouse ears grabbing everyones attention as we snapped photos of her.  

After letting her get some energy out we headed to "It's a Small World".  She loves this ride and every time we are on it she insists on standing on my lap to dance to the music.

We then attempted Dumbo for a second time.  This time we didn't drive the elephant like teenagers and Myra ended up loving it! 

It was a magical day.
I know she probably won't remember it.  But we made some good memories that we will be able to tell her her whole life. 

As a mother, I want to celebrate every little holiday.  I want my kids to find joy in the little things in life.  The things that make life wonderful.  We all need a little more celebration and happiness in our lives and I want so desperately for my kids to be happy and feel loved. And goodness gracious, a birthday is a HUGE thing to celebrate.

I think my baby felt happy and loved that day and that makes me feel victorious in my job as a mother!