Steps at disney

On Sunday night Jordan got an email telling him that his schedule for the week had changed and he had the week off with the exception of two night shifts... which meant we got to spend a lot of time together.  I was SO excited.  So on Tuesday we gathered up our stuff and headed for the park.

While we raced toward Peter Pan to make it in time for our fast pass we got stopped by ropes for the parade and they wouldn't let us pass... but Myra was LOVING it.  

After Peter Pan and teacups we got ourselves an ice-cream.  Im the kind of girl that likes her soft-serve on the icy side rather than creamy and Jordan had been raving about the ice cream near pooh corner after a night out with Myra, so we had to stop and get some to try.  

(Check out the fuzz on maxwell's hair)

Max has just started to take his first steps on his own... I have mixed feelings about this.  I am SO happy and proud of him but I super duper don't want my baby to grow up!  I LOVE babies and the fact that he won't be a baby much longer has put me into mourning.  

While we were at Disney we kept trying to get him to walk on his own.  He was being SO funny about it! When we want him to walk and are cheering him on he won't do it... He will only do it if we aren't really paying attention.  We will look over at him and realize he is standing on his own and had crossed half the room walking.... So since he took probably only one or two steps on his own at Disney, Im still gonna claim that some of his first steps were there!  ;)