Life lately

After we got home from Utah we headed straight for Disney!  Myra had been begging for "tea cups" the whole trip so we wanted to get there as soon as possible.  

Soon after, Jordan's car battery died and we didn't have time to get a new one for a week so he took my car and I was stuck at home for a good week... Which meant LOTS of riding the wagon over to the park.  Thankfully it was AMAZING weather and all I would have wanted to do that week anyways would have been to lay on a blanket on the grass while these two played.  


We potty trained my baby girl!!! She picked out undies and then I read all about the "three day potty training" method.  She did SO great and I am still proud of her for how well she did and is doing.

We also had our friend Emily over to celebrate her birthday.  

For my birthday in December, Jordan surprised me with tickets to WICKED!! and we finally got to go.  My friend ended up talking secretly to all of husbands in our friend group to plan this outing to Wicked, so all of them got tickets for Christmas.  We had a blast.  I was theatre nerding it the whole time... singing the songs to myself, feelin all the feels and also just a twing of jealousy that I wasn't the one on that stage performing.  Sometimes I just miss it so much.  

Myra and Isla killin me with their cuteness...

Not the best picture, but I HAD to document this. I came to the table and saw she had set her princess up like this and I thought it was so cute... only a mother... only a mother. hahaha

Lets have a closer look at that...

Max lost one of his shoes, so he has been walking around barefoot for three weeks... Don't worry, I finally bought him new shoes tonight.  poor kid. 

Spontaneous picnic at the park...

SPONGE CURLERS!!!!  I thought she would rip them out and hate them... It was quite the opposite. She LOVED them so much that in the middle of the night when one fell out she started crying saying, "curler fell ouuuuuuut!!!! put back, put back!" hahahaha 

Her bandaid obsession is still going strong...check out the legs on that girl.

These two go on a daddy daughter dates once a month... here they are ready to go.  That girl LOVES her dates with him. 

She reaaaaalllllly likes to give him hugs and squeezes.... he tolerates it... barely. 

And for the first time she LOVED meeting a princess.  She usually gets super shy/scared... She got over that quickly.