Orange Groves 2017

Early this morning Jordan mentioned to me that orange picking sounded fun (we've been trying to go for weeks) and within about an hour we were out the door ready to pick!  You don't have to do any work trying to convince me to go to any kind of farm or do any picking.... Its like heaven for me to get out of the city.  

There were SO many chickens roaming around and I kept thinking.... We will have this someday... someday we will have chickens roaming around OUR yard.  The older I get the more crazy I get... or maybe its just my husband rubbing off on me... Either way, I feel the need to be very environmentally friendly and also friendly to fuzzy/furry friends.  Which means on our very low budget we pay big bucks for eggs that come from "pasture raised chickens" because I feel bad when they are locked up, or cage free and killing each other.  So if I just have my own, it will be simpler... and I want to be cool like the Ingalls. hahaha

 She is just like her parents and HATES wearing her shoes and she kept taking them off.  Luckily where we were here there was no stinging neddle.... cause once she got into the wagon and we headed over the bridge to the other orange trees Jord and I suddenly started walking through some.  I was SO glad she was IN the wagon at that point and not walking around bare foot.

Walking into the groves you could smell the strong, sweet citrus and as I walked around with Myra she looked at me and said, "IM SO HAPPY"  with a giant smile on her face.  A combination of the smell with the perfect weather and scenery made both of us glow.

Kumquats??  I dunno... Jord thought they were and made me bite into it... It was so not good. haha

They were VERY late for their naps because of our little adventure but it was worth it!  :)