Winter wonderland

We left bright and early for our plane ride to Utah as soon as Jordan got off for Christmas break.  Our plane ride ended up being SO much fun because our friends sat right across from us on the plane AND my children behaved...I walked off feeling happy instead of ready to burst into tears... Usually I make this trip on my own with the children, so having Jordan there, PLUS having it not be night time made it a completely different experience.  

As soon as Myra saw it snowing outside she squealed and ran to the window saying, "I so EXCITED!!!!"  

(Aunt Cassie taking her on a walk around the block with the doggies)

I got lucky and got to go to The Nutcracker done by Ballet West with all the girls in the family... I left Myra at home because it was past her bedtime... Maybe in a couple years she can join us. :)  Until then, I enjoy watching the magic in all of my nieces eyes.  

(Me and Amelia)

Had a quick trip to the Protein Foundry in the middle of Christmas shopping.  

And then we all got the plague.... Max started barfing, then Myra and then Jord and I got it as well.... not as bad, but my goodness... it was terrible.  We had Myra get out of bed to take a picture with the cousins in their matching jammies.... She threw up all over the floor just after. 

She finally started to feel better and got some more play time out in the snow... unfortunately we passed the plague on to my dad and my niece which ruined all chances of getting a family photo with my family.  EVERY time we come into town we get those two sick.  I am very excited to just LIVE there so that the only times we see them are not just when we are sick and passing around germs.  

We were able to get a picture with Jordan's family... which has been VERY difficult over the years because its hard to get all of these peoples schedules to line up....

And then we had a cozy quiet Christmas night at my parents house... 

We then woke up to the MOST BEAUTIFUL white Christmas....  I wanted to cry so many times through out the day because I just felt SO grateful. 

I caught these two holding hands in the car waiting for us to pack everything in...  Lots of back n forth between the two families houses.  These kids were such troopers about it.  

One of the days we spent some times driving around Provo showing Myra the apartment we brought her home to, walked around the provo temple, and talked about our day dreams of our "someday house".  It was strange feeling a deep desire to go back to the past living on Center street in Provo and then two minutes later feeling the same but for the future and desperately wanting to already be living back in Utah and FINALLY in a house.  I really realized right then that the time I am living in right now will soon be a time I will wish back so why not love it, own it and stop wishing for my past and future?!  This is ALWAYS something I have really struggled with and have to re-learn over and over again... living in the present.  Man, its a beast for me.  


We really enjoyed our time with these parents of mine.... Jordan played lots of nerdy board games with my dad while my mom and I chatted and played with the kiddos. :)  They are the best and babysat for us a lot too so we could enjoy date nights and go to a fun New years party with my friends.  

(Myra at the Museum of natural curiosity)

Snowshoeing was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  It seriously was so pretty, I kept telling Jordan that I felt like we were in a movie or something. 


I am so grateful that we were able to spend our time with family in Utah for the Holidays.  We always have such a magical time there and we were so sad to leave.  I always seem to cry before we leave and this time was no different... Packing the night before was a toughie... those tears just would not stop flowing.