Singin' in the rain...

Everyday in my Choreographic styles class we have a "mock audition".  Two people from the class are assigned a choreographer, give a presentation on that choreographer, teach one minute of that choreographers choreography and then we have to do that dance for them in pairs while they grade us.  Just like an audition for a show.  Well, today was Gene Kelly, and let me tell you, it was FUN!
It's days like today when I am reminded why I love what I do.  I did my hair in finger waves and showed up with a smile on my face so excited to tap and take myself into the golden age era.  

And right after, I got to go and learn a dance to "Bushel and a Peck" from Guys and Dolls for my Musical Scene Study class.  First of all I absolutely adore this song.  My sweet late grandmother sang it to my dad as a boy, and my dad to me as a little girl.  So the song has a lot of sentimental value to me and my crazy musical theatre soul.  

I am so grateful for this education that I am receiving.  For the things I am learning and growing from.  Some days are so hard and draining, but its days like today that really make it all worth it.  And I no longer care about the looks I receive from others in the  major when they are told that my goal in life is to not be on Broadway.  I totally respect, love and admire those who do have that goal and let nothing hold them back.  And sometimes I wish I had that respect from them as well.  My calling in life is first and for most to be a mother, I know it with all my heart.  And I have finally realized that that's not just a decision I made for myself, but one God made for me as well.  I feel it so deeply in my soul that being a mother and completely devoting myself to that is what will make me the happiest.  And because it is a decision God helped me make, I have no right feeling like less of a person for the decision.  So why is it that I am receiving an education in something that is training me to audition for just that, Broadway shows?  Well I have asked myself the same thing, and two years ago I quit MDT...planned on never returning, got my cosmetology license  and while being gone for that long from it I was able to have a clear mind and pray a lot about it.  I missed it so much and I finally realized (with some help from Jordan and Heavenly Father) that BYU's MDT program is not made to just train people for Broadway.  It's for people to improve the talents that God gave them so that they can use those talents to bless the lives of others.  And that is exactly what I plan on doing.
So I plan to hold my head high with confidence in my life and MY decisions, and dance in the rain. I can already see that rain fading away.