Sea World Exploring

We finally made it over to Sea World after living here for over two years!!! 
We were thrilled to feel the magic that they always seem to capture there with the music, shows and aquariums.  
Myra was running around saying, "More fishies" and couldn't stop squealing.

These sting rays were so awesome swimming around and around in circles.  You were able to go stand at the edge and touch them if you wanted.
My very favorite part of the whole day was the dolphin show.  It was AMAZING!!!!  In addition to the magic it brought, it somehow made Myra super duper lovey and happy... She wouldn't stop hugging Max and giving him kisses during the show.  I will admit, half of the show I spent just watching them hug and giggle.  
Jordan and I both left the show saying how much we wanted to just be dolphin trainers and have him drop out of Med school.  We both know that really isn't going to happen, but one can dream, right?