Date Night

Lately I have been craving nights out with my man & have also been trying to be more deliberate with the way I live my life... With those two thoughts swirling around in my head I decided we needed to make a change and have deliberate date nights EVERY Friday night... and not just where we watch a movie together (because lets be honest, I always fall asleep two minutes in) but really DATE each other.  So, this week we began.  

We headed to Downtown Disney and sat down with just the two of us enjoying cupcakes and engaging in adult conversation.  It was delightful.

I had a red velvet cupcake.
He had a caramel apple cupcake.
(He wished he had ordered a red velvet)

And then we walked around all my favorite shops and I picked up everything I wanted.
Then we went to Zara and I looked at clothes for Max... (He grows too fast and had no church pants.) These we actually bought. 
All the stuff I wanted for me I just picked up...and then put right back...
But we pretended I got all the things I wanted like pretty dresses, sweaters and anthropologie perfume.

While I didn't leave with these "things"  I left still feeling happy and really not feeling sad about it.  I was ok to leave those things on the shelf and drive home with things for a baby and the most wonderful man next to me.  

I think thats why dating your husband is so important.  
I spent deliberate time with him.  I set my phone aside.  We talked with each other.  Smiled at each other.  Took pictures with each other.  Laughed with each other.  Dreamt of our future together.  

And for goodness sakes he spent date night SHOPPING.  
(What a man)

 I was reminded of the amazing man I married.
I was reminded that I have EVERYTHING I have ever wanted in life that TRULY matters. 
It made my heart feel full.  It made my heart swell. 

Thank goodness for date night.