Some iPhone Photos from Lately

On the 5th Myra turned 2 years old!!! 
She woke up to a new kitchen...

complete with cooking gear and pretend food.  Little girl heaven.
She spent most of the day playing with her new kitchen while we waited for daddy to get home from school.

All she wanted was to go to the "cow place and go weeeeeeeee".  Which means she wanted to go to chick-fil-a and go down the slide :).  So once Jordan got home we went and met Myra's friend Isla at Chick-fil-a.  We let her play for awhile (which she LOVED) and then headed to our house for some cake.  When we told her to blow out the candles she did a half sneeze/half blow...which i wasn't sure she was meaning to do on purpose.  So we did the candles again... and she proceeded to do the half sneeze/blow once again.  It was quite adorable. 
She didn't really eat the cake but was ALLLL over that icing.  ;)

For Max's 3 week appointment he weighed in at a whopping 10lbs 6oz... Thats like a pound a week.  He is chunking up reaaaaaal nice :).

The kids pediatrician is really close to Jordan's school so we met up with Jordan for lunch right after the appointment. 
We had a nice afternoon of painting one day.
 I do a whole lotta this lately:
She has adjusted SO well to becoming a big sister.  It hasn't been perfect (a few hits here and there), but I can tell she just loves him so much already and that makes my heart happy.
Jordan was gone late studying and came home to me trying to calm a crying baby... he swooped in and in an instant had him calm as he showed him a frog on our window (outside).
This happens sometimes...and Ive finally learned to just laugh when it happens.
On Saturday we went to our community Easter egg hunt.  
Myra was so cute about wanting to open each egg after grabbing one to see and eat what was inside.  She kept yelling "'EGGY".
Making an easter necklace together...and then she also played in a bounce house for awhile and loved it.
And... Today Max turned ONE month. Its going wayyyyy too fast.  Someone please freeze time.