Hospital with my boy...

Myra came to visit us twice in the hospital.  She loved holding him and was SO sad when he was taken away from her! ;)

I LOVE the time I get to spend in the hospital after giving birth.  Its almost like a honeymoon with your baby- there is no time like it!

The hospital I got to deliver Max at was AWESOME!  They are certified as a "Baby Friendly Hospital"  which means all the workers get certified in many things that support Skin-to-skin for an hour immediately after birth, breastfeeding, rooming in (which means i got to be with him 24 hours every day and they would come to the room for tests and procedures) and they don't give them binkies (which I gave him anyways cause he mastered breastfeeding so quickly! :)) The staff there was also fantastic...So much so that I wanted to stay there all week and told them I would be back to deliver another baby in 18 months;)... They thought I was kidding!  hahaha

Most of the time there I just snuggled my boy, slept and fed him.  A lot of the time Jordan was gone helping with Myra or doing school things so i tried to really soak in the joy of just the two of us.  I treasure those few days with him... they are so sacred to me!  Gahhhhhh... I just love him so much.