Day Trip to Cocoa Beach: A Recharge

I will freely and openly admit that I am extremely far from a perfect woman.  Sometimes, (more often than I should) I end up bugged at Jordan when the first thing I should be doing is hugging him and telling him that I love him.  We have been married for nearly four years and I still have a really hard time reading his emotions and end up offended when that is far from what I should be feeling.   

Friday night that happened.  And I felt so sad and disappointed in myself.  Not to mention I ruined a Friday night.

The night ended with hugs, tears and me feeling more in love with him than before but the next morning I still felt just sick.   Sick to my stomach for not being a better wife.  I was drained, Jordan was drained and Myra was... well she's been teething so I think that explanation is clear enough for you to understand our mental state.  

So, spur of the moment I suggested we have a little recharge and take a day trip to Cocoa Beach.  It was short, but EXACTLY what our little family needed.  Smiles, fresh air, and quality time with each other.  

Before heading to the water we stopped at the old main street in Historic Cocoa Village and checked out the little antique shops.  I didn't find any treasures this time (which was probably good for my bank account) but we had a lot of fun exploring together.

The we went and parked at Ron Jon's Surf Shop and headed for the water.  
Myra was PURE smiles and giggles the ENTIRE time.  She LOVED the water.
She even remained happy after a few face plants into the salty water. 

We arrived home feeling recharged, happy and incredibly more in love with each other.  Sometimes you have to struggle through the tough stuff to feel the good stuff.  And to me, it's ALWAYS worth it.