Kitty On Her Shirt With a Mouse In Hand.

The past week has been pretty uneventful since Myra had an awful cold leaving her cranky as can be... So we stayed home a lot just to make sure she got all her naps in.  The only problem with it leaves me feeling a bit blue. 

That blue feeling made me feng shui our bedroom.  That helped me feel a bit better for a few days.  And then yesterday hit, and I cried more than I have cried in a very long time.  

This year has been so good which has left me so happy and crying far less than I normally do, but yesterday I felt crushed.  Hopes and plans for our future came crushing down and I felt so much like had no control of my future.  I let it out... Cried, wallowed in bed and watched Felicity while eating chocolate, squeezed Myra a lot and then begrudgingly did some yoga.  

BUT... Today I woke up feeling better and more in control.  Because even though I don't have COMPLETE control of the future I do have control of my happiness and I want more than anything to be a happy mother and wife.  I want my home to be a place that welcomes people and my family.  A refuge from the world.  A place of peace and optimism... and I feel that that is in some way my job.  And good heavens I want to ROCK my job.  

So today we immediately got dressed and ready.  We ran some errands.  Made plans for adding some creative thing-a-ma-bobs for our home, napped, found a hopeful place to move into and then played for awhile outside.  Its AMAZING what sunshine and creativity can do to your soul.  Myra and I were nothing but smiles playing in the front yard with our favorite things in hand- my camera, her Minnie and a toothbrush (she's obsessed).  

Here's to goals of a happy rest of the week and an optimistic home.