White Christmas

We were so lucky to be able to all go to Utah for Christmas break and spend time with our families.  What made it even more magical was waking up to tons of snow on Christmas morning.  Jordan and I were so excited when we looked out the window and couldn't wait to take Myra out in it.  I MUST, I MUST, I MUST end up somewhere permanently where it has all four seasons.  I am absolutely loving it here in Florida, but there is something about the snow in the winter time that brings more happiness than any present could.  I loved being able to sip on hot cocoa and sit by the fire as I reflected on Christ, His birth and His incredible mother.  

This was Myra's first Christmas, and our first Christmas as parents... I must say it was the BEST Christmas I have ever had.  I am so grateful for our families for letting us stay with them and for everything they did to help bring so much happiness into our Holiday season.  We took toys to the children's hospital, went to Hale Center Theatre, played many games, watched movies, went on a date, and so much more.  

After a red eye home with the baby it's good to be home and not living out of a suit case.  But we sure do miss those people we get eternity with!