A NEW YEAR: 2015

Reflecting back on this past year has been overwhelming for me.  Overwhelming in a good way!!!  I can honestly say that 2014 was the best year of my entire life.  I survived my senior recital 8 months pregnant, gave birth to Myra, graduated BYU, became a full time momma, packed up all our belongings and drove across the Country with a baby... driving through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennesse, Georgia and then Florida, Jordan started Med school, explored Disney and Harry Potter World, Vacationed in Newport, and Iv'e travelled back and forth to Utah visiting and doing hair.  

I am really excited to see what the year 2015 has in store for us.  As I took sometime away from blogging and social media I was able to reevaluate my life and REALLY think about who I want to be and what I need to do to become that person.  So I have set a lot of New Years resolutions for myself and I think a lot of them will be difficult for me, but I am ready and feel determined.  

One of my biggest resolutions for the New Year is to work on my character.  I had a little experience over the break that left me sad and really caused me to reflect.  I find it fascinating how people interact with each other.  A lot of times when my feelings are deeply hurt or someone hurts someone close to me I initially want to hate the other person and be cruel to them.  But I think that the way we react in bad situations really shows our character.  It is so easy to be kind and loving to people that have never been mean to us but when all of the sudden our stomach turns, our hearts drop and we feel so hurt it becomes one of most difficult things in the world to react KINDLY towards them.  Not in a "I'm going to be the better person" kind of way, but truly in a Christ-like way realize that you never want to make someone feel the way that they just made you feel.  

I think sometimes when we are kind like that it is easy to feel trampled over by others because they feel it is easy to get away with being mean to a kind person... I remember feeling this way a few years back and became pretty sassy to a few certain people so that they would stop being so dang mean to me.  It actually worked, and they came to respect me.  But, I look back and think I could have stood up for myself in a kinder way.  

So while I have many other goals, this is my main resolution.  To really treat others with love even if the love isn't being given back to me...  Because sometimes the HARDEST people to love are really the ones that need it the MOST!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and are ready to face this year with a surge of determination and happiness.