WTTW Myra Grace Part 2

(This is a really long birth story, mainly for the benefit of Jordan, Myra and me so that we will have a piece of this day to remember always! Even though we taped the whole thing :))

You can read part 1 (HERE)!!!

Jordan and I waited in that cold room for what felt like hours... and I really needed to pee.  After awhile I realized that the random door that was in our room was actually a bathroom.  So relieved, I did my business and that was the start of going pee every 10 minutes for the next 24 hours from all the nerves.  

The doctor finally came back into the room and informed us that our OBGYN had given us the go ahead.  He then told us to head on upstairs to the delivery room.  In somewhat of a panic I looked at Jordan-we had nothing with us and were not really prepared.  He told us to go home and get packed and to be back in one or two hours.  I was freaking out inside. First, because I was excited.  Second, I was so worried about this little girl and felt like I had done something wrong.  That maybe, somehow it was my fault that she was not healthy. And hello, I was about to push a child out of me... that is scary business people.  

So we thanked the Doctor and went on our way, about to become parents whether we were ready or not.  

On our way to the apartment we called our family and let them know that the baby was coming.  

Once we got to the apartment we finished packing my half packed hospital bags, I showered and got ready, looked at myself one last time in the mirror and jumped up and down cause I had never felt quite this excited in my whole life and jumping up and down felt fitting.  We left our apartment and stopped at Smiths to grab a few snacks for the hospital and then arrived sometime around 7pm.  

Once we got all checked in my family dropped in to wish me luck and give me a blessing before the process started.  And let me tell you, it was quite the process.  Getting induced when you are at a 0 is not easy stuff! 

At 8:34 PM they started me on Cytotec.  Now, I am a BABY when it comes to pain, so Cytotec is awful.  If you think having them check the dilation of your cervix hurts, just try having them try to get a tiny pill up there next to your cervix.  It hurt.  And I wanted to cry.  The Cytotec helps to soften the cervix and get labor going... and pretty soon after they placed it, those labor pains really started.  

At 11:38 they checked me and I had dilated to a 1.  YAY. haha

I did not sleep that night because A. remember my peeing every 10 minutes?  Yep, still peeing every 10 minutes.  Except for now I was hooked up to chords and monitors and having labor pains, so it was quite hilarious each time I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I had to have Jordan help me walk to the bathroom holding the chords etc.  (Aren't those monitors they hook to your tummy not just the most uncomfy things ever or what??) Just picture it, me hobbling and hunched over in a hospital gown tangled in chords. I was looking really beautiful guys! It was awesome.  B. I was in pain. C. I was excited! 

Well every few hours they would come in and check my cervix to see if I was dilated... Unfortunately I went all night without dilating.  They checked me again at 7:33 AM and I was still only a 1.  After a night full of contractions... induced contractions so they were on top of each other and SO painful.  The baby's heart rate was not responding well because of the Cytotec and the way it causes crazy contractions so they stopped the Cytotec and switched me to Pitocin.  

At 10:30 I finally got an Epideral.  

At 12:15 I was dilated to a 3

12:37 - They broke my water.  This felt SO crazy cool and weird.  GUSH of warmth all over. haha  This is when everything started moving a lot faster and crazy.  Every contraction I would have the baby's heart rate kept dropping super low and c-section then became a part of the conversation.  At one point her heart rate completely stopped and the nurse started freaking out, which made me panic inside.  She was making people get out of the way and quickly put in a heart monitor up inside me and she hooked it onto Myra's head.  Then she made me turn over and lay on my other side.  Once I turned to the other side after a little while her heart rate came back and slowly started getting higher.  We don't know if she was laying on her chord or what but I could not lay on that side any more.  

I remember around 1:30 trying to tell the nurses and everyone that it literally felt like her head was coming out of me.  There was SO much pressure, I was scared she was going to pop out (I obviously didn't realize how much effort there is in actually pushing them out) haha.  Anyways, everyone (except my mom, she totally understood) was telling me that I was many hours from having her and that I was not going to be at a 10 until that night.  So I waited for a few minutes and then kept bugging everyone. I am sure I was super annoying to everyone at this point.  After about an hour of begging everyone to just look and make sure her head wasn't coming out Jordan finally looked for me.  

 Everyone was being weird and secretive about everything and would not tell me anything if things were going wrong or abnormal with the labor to keep me calm.  So as Jordan looked he calmly said "Um... Im going to go get the nurse.."  I can read him like a book and knew that he felt something was wrong. 

The nurse came in and pulled up my gown, looked at Jordan and said, "Oh, that's a normal amount of blood."  I guess he saw a bunch of blood and that really scared him.  Since she was now in the room I kept begging her to check me.  Thankfully she finally checked my cervix for me... This was now around 2:15.  And with a surprised sound to her voice she said, "OH!  You are at a 10!"... I just wanted to say, "DUH!!!" to everyone.  I so knew it... ;). I had gone from a 3 to a 10 in less than 2 hours. They then prepped me for pushing.  

By 2:30 they had me start pushing.  I was so thirsty at this point I was BEGGING for a Dr Pepper.  The thought of holding my baby and drinking a DP is what got me through that pushing.  

They were giving me completely conflicting views on how I should be pushing, so I think I was pushing wrong for part of it..? If that is possible, haha.  But, my mom and Jordan kept saying every time I pushed, "She is right there Hailey, she is coming, I can see her...One more push, one more push".  Well I don't know what they were seeing cause every time I took a glance in the mirror I saw a tiny part of her head and no movement or sign of her even close to coming out.  I felt like I was pushing with all my might and absolutely nothing was happening.  I could tell my doctor was thinking about giving me an episiotomy cause he kept saying it was a good thing the baby was small, that there was no way she would come out of me if she were any bigger.  So I told him if he cuts me to not tell me he is taking scissors to my yaya when he does it... to just do it super quick and unnoticeably.  Which he did... and I was grateful I didn't know it was happening.  

Myra's heart rate was still dropping low on contractions so the doctor stuck his fingers in and started massaging her head and her heart rate would instantly start rising, that is when it first all started feeling so real to me, like she was a real human being, and she was mine!  

At 3:15 my Myra Grace was born.  5 lbs 11 oz 18 inches

Everyone in the room was laughing because she came out with her eyes wide open like she was saying, "Here I am world!"  But then I heard them saying her chord was wrapped around her neck and it all felt a bit scary again.... She was fine though.  

The nurse told me she had dimples and I died of happiness inside.  
And then I held her.  This calm,tiny, wide eyed beauty.  And it was the most heavenly moment in the world.