We have been here in Florida for almost two months now.  Jordan is doing great in school and I am loving being home with Myra.  While there are many things I miss about home (peaches, fall leaves, byu football, family, Sunday dinners) there are a lot of things here that I am growing to love as well.  The sunsets are breath taking, our ward church members are so welcoming, the missionaries are basically my best friends, and Jordan and I are creating little traditions of our own, like watching a disney movie together every Sunday night.  Last night was Tarzan, and I cried it was so good.  

Myra is the squishiest little thing ever and we love it.  She is the happiest baby and lately she has been getting in the cutest slap happy moods where she will just look at us and start chuckling over and over again. 

Jordan is as happy as ever.  He is killing it in school and somehow has a lot more time to spend with us then I planned.  He is probably sick of me telling him that he should be studying more.  Last time I told him that he gave me his look... Like, isn't an A on my last test good enough?  Yes,yes it is.  I guess he is a grown boy and knows what he needs to do best.  I am so grateful that he is making sure to keep his life well balanced though.  Also, I'm more in love than ever.  He does everything he can to make sure I am happy and how can I not melt when I see him with the baby?  She's got him so wrapped around her little finger... Whatever Myra want, Myra gets.

We are still getting settled in here so most of our adventures have been getting to know people and trips to target and ikea.  It's been fun to slowly make it our home.  We are so excited to get to know people better and now that it's cooling down a little bit we will be hitting up Disney and Harry potter land more.  Maybe I ought to venture out there alone with Myra.  

Feeling excited and grateful to be calling Florida home.