Harry Potter World

On Saturday Jordan took a few hours away from studying to go to Universal Studios with Myra and me and we had so much fun.  Since we have season passes we don't feel bad just going for a couple hours and then leaving, which is nice with a baby.  It was POURING rain off and on while we were there which actually added a lot to the ambiance that is "Harry Potter World".   We just wanted to explore the shops and enjoy all the details while we were there so we actually didn't go on any rides.  To me that just proves how awesome a theme park is if you can go to it and have fun without actually going on any rides.  It's all in the atmosphere right? 

 We tried the delicious pumpkin juice, looked at all the creative different candies like chocolate frogs.  We also discovered the fountain that anybody can turn on if they have a wand... which I am a total nerd and thought it was SO cool!  If you stand in front of it with a wand and move it a specific way, the fountain turns on.  Then during one of the super crazy rain storms we planted ourselves in Diagon Alley where there was some good head coverage and just watched the rain...and of course did some people watching as well.  

I am so grateful to be living where we are.  If I have to be away from family, then Orlando is such a good alternative.  It is so family friendly and I am so excited to see Myra have time growing up here and enjoying the magic that comes from the theme parks and the beach.