My Mini Myra

Today I spent some time finally ordering all my prints from Myra's newborn shoot (long overdue, I know).  It brought back so many memories.  Gosh I love her big chunky rolls, but I miss that sweet little itty bitty that would snuggle up to me.  The baby that had no fat on her and her forehead would just wrinkle right up with the most concerned look.  AHHH gosh, I just love her so.  I want to go wake her up right now and kiss her all over!  

I am SO happy I got her newborn pics taken.  PHOTOCRED Jen Herem at 

She was awesome!  SO sweet, and patient.  It took along time to get in our shots because Myra was being a bit fussy... I was still getting use to how much she needed to eat!  They eat every second it seems like those first few weeks.  She was so understanding about it.  I love how simple she kept my photos.  To me newborns have so much beauty themselves, they don't need a bunch of props etc. to just distract from that, which she is all about!  

GAH!  I love newborns.  I want another!