“Yes, we met a week ago…and he just put an expensive rock on my very important finger…”

….seems to be a sentence spoken quite often here on BYU campus. Now, I know that love seems to be a subject that comes up quite often on this little blog of mine. It may be because it's all around me here at college and it may be because I am entering a time in my life when that's the one subject that seems to fit right into every Relief Society lesson. But let's be honest for a second, we all know that it's just because I am in love with love. I am that girly girl who sighs, smiles, and puts her hand over her heart with wet eyes when the hero and heroine finally kiss after a long dramatic movie, and the one whose Grandma finds and gives old Ensign magazines (from like, back when Abe Lincoln was assassinated) about love and marriage, simply because she knows I will actually read it and enjoy it.

Nobody can quite understand the insanity one must possess to agree to marry someone just after a short while of knowing them, until they have truly felt love. Some may say that they are jumping into marriage simply because of lust and infatuation, that falling in love takes time. But, as I have said before, love can be indescribably crazy.

Nobody can judge what someone else truly feels…all we can do is focus on what we feel, and try to keep true love in this world the best we can.

A wise man (Jeffery R. Holland) once said that it is important to know the difference between love and lust…


True love must include the idea of permanence. True love endures. True love you are absolutely giddy about, and shout it from the roof tops.

Love makes us reach out to God and other people.


An unsavory word and topic.

It is known as the most deadly of the 7 deadly sins.

Defiles the highest and holiest relationship in mortality- (the love a man and a woman have for each other and their desire to bring children into that family intended forever.)

Lust changes…It's characterized by shame and stealth and is almost pathologically clandestine. It is anything but Godly and celebrates self-indulgence…It comes with an open appetite. It destroys and shakes the pillars of trust from which present or future love is built.

For me...I don't think I could commit myself to someone I don't really know. I move slower than most zoobies and often times become skeptical if they are really in love, or if they are just rushed to get married. But, I realized today that everyone feels different. Some people move faster than others, and for some love comes slowly and grows to be deeper than imaginable. I believe that love is a choice, and as time has gotten older, more people choose lust over love. These days its more common for marriages to fall apart, and families to become separated because of selfish desires.

Let's separate ourselves from materials and people that will cause us to be tempted with lust… Let's remember the olden days when love was classy and endured all things. Let's choose to make love last.