Today I am Grateful

This morning I woke up early to drive to my job in Salt Lake for the week. The kids I nanny were eager to go to Lagoon so i decided to drive my dads car up so that we wouldn't have to drive all the way to Farmington in my non-air conditioned go cart of a car. Just a few minutes away from my exit on the freeway it felt as if my tire popped. Scarred to death I began to pull over on the side of the road...but the car wouldn't stop...the car was shaking like crazy as my foot was slammed on the break. Finally the car came to a stop and I called my dad shaking. I got out to examine the car and discovered that the tire hadn't popped, and we concluded that maybe I had just ran over something. So, I got back into the car to start it and had an overwhelming feeling to get out and check the tire again. I got out and pushed on the tire, discovering that it was abnormally loose.
All the lug nuts had come off from holding the tire onto my car. About an hour later my dad showed up to help me in hopes of just screwing some lug nuts back on and off i'd go. But, as he jacked the car up the tire fell off and we saw that not only had the lug nuts come off, but the lugs (the screw thingys) had completely broken off. My dad then looked at me with amazement in his eyes that the tire didn't come flying off of my car. It was a miracle that nothing extreme happened. Thank goodness I am alright!!!