Everything is finally feeling like its falling into place.
I now feel like I know who I am in life. And that feels blissful.
Life really is so good.

I begin working as a full time nanny is Salt Lake City in three weeks and am so excited. This will be my 5th summer nannying for this family and we have had so many fun and creative times together.

When school begins I will then begin teaching 4H club at an Elementary school teaching sewing and arts and crafts. After a year of only focusing on Music Dance Theatre I am excited to get back into my creativity mode...and hopefully I will be able to now find time in my life to keep that mode with me always.

Its been really nice to have a break from school and work so that I could breath and have time to actually think about my life and future. Aside from teaching and maybe doing some community theatre here and there I can't stop dreaming of owning my own boutique. With all this time on my hands I have begun hand sewing a dress. With the unlimited amount of fabrics and patterns my mother owns I thought I might as well... and before this month is over I am going to start painting again. I let too much of what I love in life go for a year, burned myself out, and now am dying to just bury myself in arts and crafts. But, I do know with how I am I must always find a good balance of everything...or before you know it, if its possible, i will be burned out with art.

Life is too short to be unhappy. And happiness is a choice, so lets choose to be happy and take advantage of the wonderful things the Lord has given us in life. Lets spend more time with the people we love, and doing the things we love with those people.