Blueberry pickin'

Bright and early this morning we headed over with some friends to pick some blueberries.  For months I've been asking Jordan "Where's the southern charm?"  You see... Florida is in the south, with out a lot of the charming southern ambiance.... But you can find it here and there and I love it when we find it!

Well, we turned a corner and it instantly felt like we were finally in the south.  We pulled into the cutest house with a huge yard.  They had TONS of blueberry bushes that you could pick pounds and pounds of blueberries from for an AMAZING price.

We had a lot of fun picking them and then walked a little around their farm.  Jordan and I were in heaven the whole time because this house was so close to the exact house we have imagined we want when we someday build one.  They had the cutest back porch with flowers, huge trees with swings on them, a beautiful pond far back with another tree swing near it, chickens, goats.... you get the point!  :)

Myra ran around the whole time laughing and eating berries.  I am sure it was pure heaven for her as well because blueberries are her very favorite food.

By the end we had such a big bag of blueberries we all decided we would make a blueberry pie that night!  So Jordan made the most delicious pie I have ever tasted and we all enjoyed a wonderful night together.

The yummy, yummy pie at the end of the night.