The Farmers market

This morning Myra and I picked Jordan up from campus for an early lunch break from studying to head over to the local farmers market in Lake Nona.

As far as booths go, Salt Lake City's Farmers Market wins by a long shot.  BUT after walking around we found the cutest spot with picnic benches under the big trees to sit.  They had a few food trucks and a blue grass band playing so we got a brisket sandwich (my favorite) and let myra eat fries and dance for awhile.

Little things like this are what life is all about.  It makes me feel so full of happiness and grateful for the beauty around me.

Sitting there in the shade listening to the band I felt so full of joy.  I leaned into Jordan and said, "I love sharing this adventure with YOU".

I am SO happy that I get to share this fun adventure in Florida with Jordan and Myra.  It has only been about a year but we already love it here.  It has been the perfect place for us to explore and figure out who we are as a family.  We are creating traditions and discovering things we love together and as a mother that makes me so HAPPY.

These little memories are what I will cherish FOREVER and I hope that Myra will look back on her life with fond memories of this time we are having.  I know at the moment she is a little young for memories but we are trying our hardest to get in the habit of GETTING out of the house so that those memories will soon begin.  Even the smallest simplest things like an hour at the farmers market makes the biggest difference in our countenance for the rest of the week.  Best little recharges!

Here's to trying out HARDEST to make our home and family the happiest it can be as mommas!
(^My loves!!!!^)
(^^The YUMMIEST BBQ sauce.  We couldn't resist buying one to make pulled pork at home with.  Utah needs to figure out this whole BBQ sauce thing... Cause it is AMAZING here! ^^)

(^^^Picnic bench under the shade ^^^ :))