Valentine's Day


We had a wonderful Valentines Day.  I LOVE this holiday so much.  Getting the chance to be able to tell all those around you that you love them is wonderful.  

We started the day out with pink pancakes and giving Myra a doll that I made her and a new pink blanket from A Little Lady Shop.  She loved them and carried both EVERYWHERE that day.  We went to Costco, target and the park and she had that dolly tucked under her arm the entire time.  It was adorable.  

We all spent some time having a picnic at the park cuddling under the blanket and watching other people there celebrate.  I love watching others while they are happy.  

Then...Jordan and I spent some time dancing in our room to Ed Sheeran's new song cause I'm obsessed with it.  It was perfect and is all I want every valentines day!  

We kept it nice and simple since we danced all night and ate wonderful food the night before at prom.  I liked it simple.  I told him all I wanted was a note from him...a good long note.  If you know me well, you know that a good note makes me feel more happy and loved than anything.  And he delivered.  He did good.  

I hope all of you enjoyed Valentines and know how much I LOVE you!