Mabey Babies Weekly: 2


  • I told her in passing a few days ago that she had her dads ears... I didn't think she even heard me until a few days later she randomly said, "I have my dads ears... I got them back and put tape on them so they would stay on..."
  • She said, "You're weird" to me for the first time this week.  I am sure that will be a common phrase once she is a teenager. 
  • She is loving singing the Moana song and makes certain she is standing on something high up that is her "stage" and makes me sit on the floor while she sings it.  I must say, she may have gotten her daddies ears, but she got my performing face.  If she goes into theatre like me, they'll be telling her to tone it down every five seconds like they did to me.... but for now, I find it adorable.  
  • She has major anxieties going into nursery every week at church.... for good reason... Well, today they let her sit in with the sunbeams to see if she does better there even though she technically isn't supposed to go in there until January.  She did fabulously and when I picked her up she had a smile on her face.  A SMILE!!! That was huge for her.  
  • Completely and utterly obssesed with drawing.  


  • This boy loves Moana too.  If I sing, "I am...." He then shouts/sings, "OANAAAAAA" (Moana in Max language).  It melts my heart.
  • When a prayer ends he yells "MEN" for amen. 
  • Every time I sit down to read him a book before bed he giggles with excitement.
  • Is almost 18 months and is just as attached to my hip as he was a year ago.  Mommas boy through and through and I LOVE it!!!! Boy of my dreams... and I hope he stays that way through those teen years. haha