An Evening at the Pool

The three of us spent some time at the pool a few nights ago just before dinner.  Jordan has been so good with his balance of school and family.  So many people have told me to get ready to be a single mom while he is in med school...but Jordan being Jordan i kinda more worried that he wouldn't study enough, but he is working so hard.  I feel so proud of him lately.  The boy just thrives off of learning and it is so fun to watch him get excited about weirdo biochemistry facts.  I said just the other day that I haven't seen him this happy in years and he said to me, "Hailey, I feel alive again."  And my heart filled with gratitude.  I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father has given us this opportunity.  

Anyways, I love watching these two together.  She just adores him and he... well, he is wrapped around her finger.  Yesterday he left for school before she woke up and then came home after she was already down for the night and he was so sad to have missed playing with her.  I don't think he even ate dinner last night...just came home and studied till midnight.  Some days he is busy like that, but it makes us so much more grateful for the times we do get with him.  Like nights at our pool. My heart is full!!!