Our Thanksgiving in NC

After an early morning root canal the day before Thanksgiving, we headed up to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with family. We arrived late that night and then early the next morning headed for a turkey trot. 

Jordan and Lizzy (sister) ran a 5K along with some of the kids while I cheered them on...late!  haha  Jordan failed to tell me where the keys were when he left for the race with his sister a bit earlier than me so when I went to leave I ended up searching for awhile for keys... I finally found them and headed to where the race was.  I was told where to park but was super unsure of where to meet everyone.  So there I was....Max in an umbrella stroller, Myra on my hip and my giant diaper bag on my other side running around Charlotte up and down hills and parking lots, sweating...stressed... lost.

I finally found them.  But they had already finished the race.. 

(My adorable niece Elle)

The next day we went looking for a tree for their house!  
When I lived in Provo with Jordan we always drove down the street to the cutest little Christmas tree lot to pick out our very own little real tree.  I LOVED having a real tree and the smell of pine that it left lingering in the house well after it was gone.  To save on money while in Med-school we purchased a cheap fake tree to use for a few years so I ate up this time we had to look for a real one... even if it wasn't for us. :)

(Benny boy... my nephew that is a mini Jordan)

(where we ate an AMAZING breakfast...I have been craving the eggs benedict I had there! yumm)

Then they ran again in the most adorable, quaint town called Christmas Town, USA.  Every little southern home there was DECKED out in Christmas decorations as well as their little main street... You better believe I started looking at houses on Zillow there on our drive home.  If I can't be in Utah....then I want to live THERE!!!!  I felt like I was in a movie. 

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and we had such a fun time with family.  We even got to be there while Lizzy and Jon announced to their kids that they will be moving to Utah in a few weeks because he finally got a job there.  I am so excited for them. 

And then we drove home on back roads and highways.  Jordan and I kept commenting on the beauty all around us and the white, small town churches on hills around nearly every bend.  I kept thinking to myself the whole way home, "WOW.  I am just SO grateful.  What a beautiful world I live in."

I love Thanksgiving!!! And I feel so refreshed after spending a week of thinking extra hard of all the things I am thankful for.