A Trip to the Zoo

Thank goodness for iPhones!!! Having Max (aka my little leech), it is a lot harder to also carry around my big camera and take pictures while holding him.  Thankfully My phone does ok enough pictures that I don't feel like I have to have the camera EVERYWHERE I go.  :)

While in Utah we took a little trip to the zoo and it was so much fun.  Myra has a cousin named Amelia and not only to they ADORE each other but they also look just like sisters so it is super fun to watch them play together.  I always tell Jordan that they must have been BFFs or sisters in heaven.

Myra ran around and squealed the whole time cause three of her favorite things were there... Daddy (after being away from him for two weeks), Amelia, and animals.

After we left she continued to talk about the elephants we saw for a good week!