Friday Night, Pizza Night

On my second date with Jordan he taught me how to make pizza.  We laughed a lot, talked, and ate far less pizza than we wanted to because we were in that weird stage and didn't want each other to think we were pigs.  I admired his ability to cook as he told me about his time as a teenager working at Litzas rolling out the pizza dough.  (I later found out that he got fired from that job, but that's a story for another time! :)  )

I tried making myself comfortable and tried my best to be ME that night (despite the lack of pizza that went into my mouth!).  After a failed relationship in High School where I never once was me around this certain boy, I learned that the most important thing for me in a relationship was to feel comfortable being me and feel loved being me.  So I doodled on the papers on his table (which he kept), laughed and talked for hours and even wrote "Twix" on his grocery list that was stuck to the fridge. (He now tells me he loved this because he felt like I was marking my territory and claiming him as mine... which there were a number of other girls after him, so subconsciously maybe I was :))

That night catapulted us into an obsession with each other!  A few days later I was rushing from my ballet class to get to American Heritage.  I was sweaty from a ballet test and from rushing up the Richard building stairs to make it in time.  As I nearly reached the building I saw him from a distance for the first time on campus,  just our third time seeing each other and my heart started to beat faster and faster!

He stopped and smiled (Gosh those dimples), and pulled a twix out of his backpack.  I gave him a shocked look and he said, "I had a feeling I would see you on campus today so I wanted to be sure to bring this with me to give to you".


After that we were pretty much inseparable.

Ever since then I have had a love for home made pizza because it always takes me back to that night... The night I really started to like him.

SOOOOO.... On Friday night we decided to make it a tradition to make home made pizza every friday as a family.  I really hope that these little traditions we are making will be able to help our kids feel close as a family.  I want so desperately for them to be best friends.  I know it mostly depends on them, but I want to try everything in my power to have a good environment and home with hopes that it helps.