hello friend.

Here you will find small snippets of the thoughts that run through my head and  the adventures I share with my little family.

Jordan and I met in 2010 on a blind date.  I fell MADLY in love shortly after when driving through the canyon on a snowy night as he blasted Disney music and belted "A Whole New World" with me.  His choice. That was it, I was done. I was his.

We then married on August 8, 2011.  It was the most magical day and the wedding was everything I have ever dreamed of.

We then lived in a little apartment in Utah tucked behind many sycamore trees in the heart of Provo for two years.  

In March of 2014 our whole lives changed when our spunky little Myra Grace was born.
My dreams came true that day because she made me a mother.  And to me that is the most wonderful job in the world.  

We then packed up and moved our lives to Orlando Florida.  And you better believe we are Disney(ing) it up baby!!!

Then on February 16, 2016 our sweet, chubby Maxwell was born.
And my heart tripled in size!

I have my BFA from BYU in Music Dance Theatre and am also licensed in Cosmetology. 
I love to spend time with family,  dream about visiting Europe, bake, watch old MGM movie musicals,  read, binge watch cheesy TV shows, paint, and learn about other peoples lives.

Jordan is currently in Medical School at UCF and stays busy with his studies.  He loves his kiddos and always tells me his dream job would be a "stay at home daddy", skiing, cooking, getting his back washed by yours truly, guitar, piano and football. 

And now that you have read about our lives in a nutshell, I think we are practically BFFs! :)
Thanks for stoppin by.