Why I blog

Reason number 1:

    I began blogging years ago before I even met my handsome fellow!  I wanted a place where I could journal my thoughts and feelings along with pictures- much like a scrapbook.  I went through a lot of learning and growing through those years and I love that I can look back at old posts, read a simple sentence and know the extremely hard time or exciting time I was having that coerced those sentences out of me.  Looking back I wish that I would have posted more.  More pictures and stories of the roller coaster life is and the adventures that got me to where I am today, but also so grateful that I set aside my pride and worry of what people would think of me and just did it, just blogged! 

    I remember a very specific time when I posted about worrying about my future and where life was headed.  I wanted so badly to get a letter in the mail telling me exactly what was in my future... Who I was going to marry, what I was going to do with my life, etc.  The funny thing is, I should have trusted in God more.  Trusted that he knew exactly what was best for me in my life to make me happy, and left it to him because here I sit living in the time where I would have wanted a letter from myself and I am so happy.  I think my letter would look a little something like this.

September 1, 2014

You are one of the lucky ones.  You will end up with the most loving, selfless man in the world.  He is that man that you have always wanted in life... The one that hugs you from behind while you wash dishes in the pajamas you have been wearing all day that are covered in spit up.  He will turn you around and not let you go until he has told you how beautiful you are and says "You are such a good mother, you know that?".  And after long days of studying to be the best doctor he can be, he will go to the grocery store with you just to get to spend time with you.  Oh, and girl...he has those dimples.  You know?  The ones you have wished your whole life your husband would have?  Yep.  Check!  

You will also be blessed to be a mother.  And you will love it.  Nothing will make you happier...

Your life will be so much more full of wonderful things.  I must tell you that it will not be perfect.  But, you will be happy.  Just know that.  Stop worrying, and be happy now!  

Love, Future hailey.

PS.  You did it!  you never thought you would but you did it!  You graduated from BYU.  And you finished what you started.  After a lot of back and forth you finished with your BFA in Music Dance Theatre.  And on top of it?  Through your quarter life crisis that you will have you gained some wonderful things.  Among that is a cosmetology license.  And that little license has been a large blessing in your life for so many reasons.  And you are now currently living in Florida chillin' in your living room with chick flicks playing while your sweet daughter sleeps and your hard working husband studies for his first med school test.  And it's a good night, like so many of them.  

Life changes so quickly and we go through so much.

So...  I hope to create a somewhat online scrapbook for myself and my family so that we can look back and learn and smile from our memories.  

Reason 2:

    Now, during this time of worrying about my future and making large life choices I was currently reading a few different people's blogs a lot.  There were two different blogs that I was reading at that time in my life that completely and totally changed my life.  Through the way these people lived and the words they left so openly for the world to read they helped a scared, young blonde girl hiding away in a pink room make life changing decisions.  

    Since then there have been countless times when a blog I am reading has really helped me in my life. So, I feel that I somewhat owe it to someone out there to help them... like a pay it forward or something..?  Even if it is just one person.  

Reason 3:
    I now live far away from my mommy... and I want her to see and hear all about our crazy adventures.