The small things

I have been trying lately to get down and play with the kids more in their environment...follow their lead.  It has done something interesting inside of me.. brought a sense of magic to my life through small and simple things like eating marshmallows in a laundry basket.

  Why is it that as adults we seem to loose the creativity, magic and love for the seemingly mundane things?  And why is it that we feel we need to fill up every minute of everyday with activities and things to do for our children?   There is something about just being home and letting their imaginations be at work.  Something about laying on the floor and watching how the sun comes through the window and streams across their skin, the inexpensive household items that become spaceships and boats, digging in the mud outside or just sitting together reading stacks of books while your one year old leans in for a kiss and your three year old asks for eskimo kisses.  To me, nothing can beat those moments.  Not even a morning at Disney!