What makes me happy

The beginning of this year I made the same resolution I always make... to try a little harder to be really, truly happy.  I have been doing super well so far this year.  Brushing things off, not sweating every little thing and not letting my anxiety rule my mind... but for some reason anxiety decided to grab ahold of me and throw me to the floor.... ok, maybe not THAT dramatic, but compared to how happy I was feeling, it has felt that dramatic.  Mostly just kinda a grumpy pants and so so tired.  I am blaming the string of nightmares that have seemed to creep into my sleep this week... But every time I have really felt myself getting into those grumps I have tried hard to reach down, pull up my boot straps + find and think about what makes me happy- and BE HAPPY.  

I think the easiest way for me to do this, pull those so called "boot straps" up, is for me to think of the things through-out the day that make me smile.  And these are just a few of the things that did just that this week...

Max's fluffy hair that blows in the wind...

The plethora of bows that Myra insisted on wearing all morning a few days ago.

Days spent in the shade at the playground enjoying the perfect weather and listening to the birds make music for me. 

Myra running around in undies.

Myra's thoughtfulness (she drew a picture and said it was for daddy and then asked for tape to tape it up... She kept saying, "This is going to make daddy soooooo happy!" 

And a husband who does stitches on his watch to fix it, cuddles me to my hearts content and surprises me with a clean kitchen after a long day. 

Sometime happiness isn't easy.  Sometimes you have to dig deep down and search for it, but once you see it, you realize how much happiness was already surrounding you, you just weren't seeing it.  

These people make me happy.  They are my happy.  I love them.