We had a lot of fun on Valentines and Myra was so happy and excited the whole day!  
Jord was supposed to be working till super late but he got home early and brought flowers for me and some for Myra... (I was really hoping that he would get some for her and I LOVE that he did.  She was a little sad I got the pink ones though, so we switched and she was very happy about them!)

The kids and I did a small heart attack on the door for him telling him all the reasons we love him.

I surprised the kids with a new Winnie the Pooh book and Myra just LOVES it.  She was so cute about opening it and said, "This is for Me?  THANK YOU mommy.. its so special for me."

Then Jordan surprised me with a little date to an ice cream shop.  I LOVE the Sub Zero ice cream in Utah and so he searched and found a place similar to sub zero here in Florida.  I was SO excited.  He is a keeper. ;)  I don't need a huge grand gesture, just a "This made me think of you" or "I thought you would like this.." and it makes me feel SO loved.  

I love these people of mine I get to call FAMILY!!!  I think I really lucked out in the family department and it was so fun being able to shower each other with a little more love than usual.