Three blondes

On Tuesday I took Myra and Maxwell to Animal Kingdom to meet up with some friends for a few hours and ride the safari ride.  When Myra saw her two friends they all gave each other a giant hug.  It was soooooo cute! I was dying.

We didn't stay for long because #naps... but I am so happy we went.  It was the first time I put on my big girl panties and took the two kids to Disney with-out Jordan.  I thought it was going to be stressful and horrible but it ended up being so refreshing and such a delight.  

I am so grateful for all my friends out here that get me out of my house.  They have been such a huge blessing in my life.  Last year this time of year I was really not enjoying Florida and was feeling lonely out here.... After a lot of working on myself, I have truly come to feel quite the opposite.  I am really loving it here (especially the amazing weather lately) and I feel like my heart could burst at the seams for all the love I have for my friends down here.  

Oh and here is a picture of this bundle of love....

Thank you Disney, for making Election day a bit less stressful.  :)