Saturday night our church had their annual Trunk-or-Treat and we had so much fun!!! 
We all gathered for a fun BBQ at the beginning and Myra ran around with her cute friend...he was dressed as a pumpkin and I had to laugh because he totally fit into our family Cinderella theme!

Myra desperately wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween and when I asked her what she wanted me to be she declared, "CINDERELLA".  So i give you, Cinderella (pre sister abuse), Cinderella, prince charming, and gus-gus!.

Saturday morning I realized... "Wait a minute, I think we are supposed to decorate our cars for this...?"  Unfortunately Jordan was busy studying at school all day and I still had to finish up some of our costumes so I quickly whipped up a carriage for our car.  I wanted to add a bunch more to it but it ended up working great and Myra LOVED it.. (she cried this morning when I threw it away).

That laugh!!!! hahahaha I love that girl.
She is usually SO painfully shy and can't even look and smile at a person she doesn't know super well let alone TALK to them but just like last year for trick-or-treating she smiled, said "trick-or-treat" and "Thank you so so much!!!!" to everyone!  I was really proud of her.  The candy helps I think :).  She is very excited to go door to door tonight... As am I!