Looking back on halloween

We are so excited for Halloween!!!  Myra keeps saying to me, "Trick-or-Treat pleaaaaaase?".

Last night Jordan and I were getting some of our costumes made and I started thinking back to Myra's very first Halloween and had to dig through our photo albums on my computer so I could find them and look at her cute chubby cheeks.  I have to stop myself from looking at old baby photos too often because it makes me get really emotional and sad that she is growing up.  She was such a delightful baby with yummy yummy cheeks... BUT on the bright side it is so so fun to see her excited and really get into the spirit of it.  And while she isn't a delightful chubby baby anymore she is a hilarious toddler that I simply ADORE! ( I just have a thing for babies...ok?!)

For her first Halloween the two of us were in Newport with Jordan's family (but without him) and we went trick-or-treating at Balboa Island.  It was a blast and SO fun because they REALLY get into decorating over there.  

Unfortunately not too long into the fun Myra vomited ALL over me (two posts in a row about her with a tummy bug? haha oh my!) and I had to endure the rest of the night like that because we were on an island with a large group of people.  

Here is a picture of us on the ferry boat on our way back with me covered....
It still ended up being really fun but I felt so bad for her.
I caught the tummy bug not too long after.

Anyways, I am so excited to dress up as a family this year for our ward trunk-or-treat AND trick-or-treating.  TWICE!!!!??? YAY.  And Jordan is really grateful I am not making him wear any face make-up haha.