"Carvin' Punkins"

I absolutely just LOVE this time of year.  The pumpkin spiced everything, Halloween movie and decorations, costumes and  creativity everywhere and the glorious weather... While we may not be where there are beautiful leaves, the weather here has been dreamy the past few weeks.  And by dreamy... I mean PERFECT!  SO for family home evening last night we went out front of our home and carved a pumpkin while basking in the perfect weather!  

Myra chose a kitty cat to carve and was SO funny about the pumpkin slime.  She absolutely refused to touch it.  I was all over that stuff when I was little!  

Her little hand on his shoulder.... HEART MELTED!  
These two together are so adorable! 

Max just sat there and chewed on pumpkin most of the time.  

The carving of the pumpkin was taking awhile and my little one is not so patient... So we found other activities to do while Jord tried to quickly finish it up.  Here is Myra admiring the cloud formations and jet plane flying by...

And.... the cat.

Then of course we needed a picture all together with the self timer... I was trying to do it quickly with the camera on a chair so the top of the pic is a bit cut off.... but at least we are all in it :).

When I was growing up we carved our pumpkins pretty far in advance to Halloween but I am starting to hear that lots of people do it on the day of Halloween.  In Utah the pumpkins last pretty long after being carved but as we are learning here, they mold super fast.  When do you usually carve pumpkins?  Do you have any fun traditions with it?