Summer 2016

Our summer was FULL of visitors and fun and I spent the majority of my time being with them and revamping my life...Focusing on family, goals, reading SO many parenting books and thinking about who I am and what I want to become. (hence the lack of photos and blog posts) 

When I was younger I spent SO much time writing goals down and working my butt off to accomplish them and I realized a few months back that I really needed to start doing more of this... Not just for me, but for my family as well.  So Jordan and I sat down for a family council and created new goals.  Individually and for our family.  I know people generally do this in January at the start of the year, but I had a big "aha" moment, a realization that I needed a big chang-a-roo...  

I am excited to "try a little harder to be a little better" as Gordon B. Hinckley counseled people years ago.  

So here are the small amount of photos from the summer I got on my big camera!  Happy late fourth of July! :)