Stormy days

Today we had one of Florida's big beautiful rain storms.....Which made me SO happy.
I have been feeling a bit sad the past few days seeing everyones fall pictures back in Utah and it makes me grumpy that I don't get to have much of a fall and all the beauty that comes with it.  

colors of the trees
fresh crisp air
bundled up for high school football games
BYU games
maple bars
Stephens hot cocoa
boots, sweaters, hats and scarfs
apple picking
pumpkin everything

Its just the same color of green here... everywhere... so sometimes in the fall I get sad. 

But today as that rain came down and the frogs came out, I felt happy again.  It felt a bit like fall for the day.  A Florida kind of fall.

The storm was crazy enough that it took out our internet...including my phone internet..which I was bothered with for a few minutes.  I then realized as I sat snuggling up to Myra how much more present I was with her and by joy tripled.  It felt good to spend a few hours taking a break from the world all together and just be with my kids.

The rain stopped just in time for me to get to the store and get last minute groceries for dinner and as I pushed max to the car in the cart with Myra on Jordan's shoulders I couldn't help but smile because I felt so grateful for my family. While we may not be in Utah we are with each other and wherever THEY are thats where my home is.  As I step back and stop thinking about all the things Florida is lacking and instead think of all the greatness it possesses I become so much happier...and much more pleasant to be around :).