Monday with tsum tsum

On Sunday we went to a friends house for dinner and Myra escaped to a back room the entire time.  When I went back there to get her I quickly discovered why... It was little girl heaven.  Filled with dolls, dress ups, a vanity with lights around the mirror, a pink doll house and tons of toys.  There was one specific toy she wouldn't let go of.... "little baby Donald" as she called it caused a bit of a problem when it came to leave.  SHE WOULD NOT LET GO OF IT!!!!  

Have you heard of these tsum tsum dolls by Disney?
I had seen them before at the parks and to be quite honest, thought they were a bit weird...and a choking hazard for my baby.
So I was shocked that she was so obsessed with it.  
I finally got her to let go of it when I told her we would go buy some tomorrow since she was so good at nursery...

So allllllll night she kept saying, "Go buy some tsum tsum???"

Finally this morning after Maxwells nap we headed over and bought one package.  I told her she HAD to keep them safe and not to let max touch them because they are SUCH A CHOKING HAZARD!!!
We even went to Michaels and bought her a little box to paint that she could keep them inside. 

So we get home to paint the box and before i knew it... Eeyore and the box were lost.  NO WHERE IN SIGHT.  So I cleaned the whole house...

While cleaning, she lost Cinderella (the smallest one that I am freaked will kill my child).

So then I start praying Max won't be the one to find it.

I eventually found the box.  Then I found Eeyore.....IN MY SHOE!!!!.. then finally Cinderella.

And now she sleeps with them in the box...and we are both in love with the weird little things.