Joy School

This new school year has been SO fun for me so far.  Myra hasn't had the EASIEST time sharing her parents with a new sibling....I mean, she loves him to DEATH but her sassiness headed to a whole new level after Maxwell graced our presence.  So with the combination of knowing she needed one-on-one time with me during his morning nap, reading oodles of the Eyre's books recently and wanting to teach her more (girl is a SPONGE for knowledge and knows more than I did at age 5!) I decided to homeschool her...specifically in JOY SCHOOL.

Joy school focuses more on teaching children the joys of the world rather than academics and we have had a lot of fun with it this week.  She is loving learning the songs, creating and being with her momma.  

When teaching Joy school you are asked to read a book called, "Teaching your children Joy"... In the introduction it talks about how important it is to help our children be happy.  Not by giving them everything they want (that would certainly help them to end up NOT happy in their lives), but by being a joyous parent and helping them to see, feel and love the world around them. We are focusing on one joy a month for a year and have started with the "Joy of spontaneity!"  So I filled our day yesterday with just that... and on our way home from a trip to the grocery store and a spontaneous stop at the chick-fil-a drive through for a well deserved ice cream, Myra exclaimed in the car, "feel happy, momma!!!" and I said back to her, "I feel happy to, wawa (what she calls herself)".  Because NOTHING makes me happier than seeing her happy... and for her to be happy enough to actually communicate to me that she feels happy, meant that she really felt happy and special that day.  

I am SO excited to continue teaching her JOY and see her grow up using that JOY to help her through the hard times in life.