It's finally Friday.
All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday....when I realized it wasn't, I wanted to take a giant blanket, five pillows and netflix to my closet to escape for a few days.  Could I possibly survive another weekday?
And I did.  And it was a wonderful Friday.  We had friends over, Joy school, nap time, a trip to the library (which is always followed by a chick-fil-a "cream cone", and then on the way home we stopped at the mail box.  And WHAT was in the mail box you ask?  Two glorious packages I have been waiting for and am SO excited about.  A new dress Jordan got me for our anniversary and bright red lipstick.  Lip sense to be exact!  Have you heard of it.?  I'm obsessed.  We then had family pizza night minus Jordan (cause he was on call at the hospital "fixing people" (as I tell Myra)) and then I was supposed to go to the temple but I LOST my recommend and couldn't find it last minute even though I had already put on my bright red lipstick and pretty new dress, cleaned the house for the babysitter, nursed max down and had myra in her jammies with hair brushed and temple bag on my shoulder.
So instead of the temple Imma gonna have me a hot date at home with my hubby.  Him in his hot scrubs and me in my new linen dress and bright red lipstick! :)