First Annual Mabey Fall Kickoff

I have recently been reading the book "Three Steps to a Strong Family" (found here).  And it emphasizes the need for tradition in families.  Now, Jordan and I dreamed of fun traditions we would have as a family before we even had kids, so when I read about this I was super excited to sit down with Jordan and brainstorm more traditions.  Daily, weekly, and ones for special occasions....and one tradition I have wanted to do for years we finally started today!

I LOVE fall and Halloween so we decided to celebrate the first day of fall.  We made scones, drank hot cocoa, watched some Ichabod and cuddled together...Someday when we own a house I want to add a crackling fire to that list ;).  After a bit of a rough day for me it livened up my spirits and made me feel extra grateful for my little family and that any time I want to celebrate ANYTHING I have the power to...and I love that!

I desperately hope that these little traditions we are making for our kids will do the same for them, that perhaps after a hard day they can end it feeling loved.