Family Pictures: Summer 2016

My sweet friend came and stayed with us for awhile this summer and she is wonderful with a camera so I spontaneously had her take some pictures of us and then we edited them up together.  Thanks, Syd!

I love this little family of mine.

Myra always gets jealous when Jordan and I are hugging so we usually will scoop her up and let her join in on the hug... A couple of times we sang the "Happy Family"primary song while doing it and after that she would exclaim, ""Happy family" when we were all together and she felt happy.  And I would say, "Yes, sweetie, we are a happy family!"

We have our tough moments and are far from perfect...but when I think about them I feel like bursting at the seems with happiness.  There was a moment there right after I had Max where I felt like I was DROWNING!!!! BUT, with Max growing a bit and becoming less fussy combined with a little parenting tip I read (ALWAYS have a parenting book on your bed side table) I am starting to feel happy and am loving being a momma again.