Here are just a few snaps from Utah.  
My Parents have oodles of Lilac in their yard and I am all heart eyes over them.
Climbing ladders now and scaring me half to death- but I am learning to let it go and just let her PLAY!!!!
Jordan showing her the deliciousness that is honeysuckle... Now she walks around trying to suck nectar out of every flower she sees, which is funny but could prove to be dangerous.  When I was little I was trying to do the same and my brothers gave me a flower that was actually poisonous if consumed.  My mom ended up having to call poison control after I ate the dang flower they told me would taste "like candy".
One of the few times he actually let me put him down the entire trip. hahaha  This boy loves him momma.  
The yummiest maple bars in all the land.
Just roaming around in the "secret garden" at the Tulip Festival. 
Before Church on Sunday!!! I could just SQUISH him... and I do.
Why is it that kids LOVE cardboard boxes?  I remember being little and playing for hours in our basement with a box that once had held our washing machine.  Give a kid a box and their imaginations run wild. :)
Arranging some flowers with nana. 
At "The Pancake House". My very favorite restaurant! I usually get crepes and Jordan usually gets this California eggs benedict.  Since he wasn't there I decided to order in and snap a pic to send to him and make him jealous.  He ended up actually being at a restaurant when I sent it, so it didn't work to well. haha
Amelia, Max and Myra.
Max and Max
Eating at Hires.